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Ensure the needs and Concerns of your Customers are met with eCommerce in a Box - Customer Care.

Customer Care

An eCommerce store is only as good as the relationship they maintain with their customers. One thing you cannot deny about an eCommerce store is that it has the most active service center department than in any other industry.

Mistakes do happen, either at the customer’s end or yours, what matters is that it needs to be resolved quickly. The nature of online business itself requires a constant two-way communication with a customer.

“Deploy a team of highly trained customer service professionals with custom scripts. Attend to your customer’s concerns, queries, follow them up, and offer Live Chat support.”

Ensuring customer satisfaction is a sure shot way of growing as an eCommerce store, retain the customers you make along the way with our impeccable remote Customer Care service.

You can enjoy the following services included in your eCommerce in a Box.

Remote Call Centers

We train an entire team of customer service agents to represent your brand. By creating and approving a script that introduces your brand and its policies. Maintain customer satisfaction levels through prompt customer service. You can choose inbound or outbound calls, depending on your customer care needs

Live Chat

Should you choose a live chat interface for your business instead, we can provide that for you as well. We’ll integrate a consolidated chat function where all your customer queries will be accumulated and you can respond back from the same dashboard.

Dedicated Account Managers

All eCommerce in a Box packages come with a dedicated account manager to make your online store their priority.

Get in touch with us today to discuss your Customer Service strategy with us. So we can begin calculating the time it would take have your customer service center up & running and send it to you along with the quote.

Find out when your business can begin benefiting from our Customer Care department today!

  • OutBondCalls

    Remote Call Centers

    A team of trained customer service agents represent your brand.

  • LiveChat

    Live Chat

    Chatbots to ensure the customer’s most frequently asked questions are answered.

  • AccountManager

    Dedicated Account Managers

    Ensuring you are our priority with dedicated professionals.

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