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Stay ahead of market trends, maintain operational efficiency, and never miss an opportunity.


Advisory & Maintenance Services

We provide Financial and Business Advisory Services to ensure the best interests of our clients, in addition to performing regular maintenance of your eCommerce website. Rest assured you will have your trusted digital partner by your side.

"Stay connected to a team of Seasoned Professionals and Specialists to receive quarterly reports and key business KPIs. Make informed decisions and avoid problems before they arise with meticulous insights and strategic assistance."

In order to ensure smooth business operation we’ll track operational efficiencies and conduct GAP analysis allowing you to keep a birds eye view on your business. Our team will offer insights and identify your bottleneck so you don’t overspend when resources are scarce, or miss an opportunity when you have abundant resources.

Website Maintenance

No matter which aspect of your e-store is causing problems, whether it’s technical or operational, we’re just a call away.

Conduct GAP Analysis

GAP analysis involves comparing your actual performance with your desired performance. We find the GAP that is limiting your growth potential in your venture. We isolate and eliminate problems that are a threat to your bottom line.

Track Operational Efficiencies

Our services are measured with an in-built Business Intelligence (BI) tools, delivering you with different performance metrics for your store. So you can identify and problem areas and streamline them before it becomes an issue.

Quarterly Reports

Keep a keen birds eye of the operations with quarterly reports of your operations. Our team will offer insights and identify your bottleneck so you don’t overspend, or miss an opportunity when there are abundant resources.

Keep yourself informed and ready for action with our eCommerce in a Box’s Advisory and Maintenance service.

  • GapAnalysis

    GAP Analysis

    Learn the GAP between your actually perfomance and desired permaonace and how you close it.

  • OperationalEfficiencies

    Operational Efficiencies

    Learn if your business is able to deliver goods and services in the most cost effective manner.

  • MonthlyReporting

    Monthly Reporting

    Check to see if you are headed in the right direction with with monthly status reports and progress.

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Finance & Accounting

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Customer Care

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Advisory & Maintenance

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Digital Marketing

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