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The Inspiration

In the age of Internet of Things (IOT), online stores are popping up at an incredible rate, as evident from the barrage of pop-up ads we suffer through. While it’s not very difficult to set-up an e-commerce store these days, it is difficult to manage it and grow however.

My question to you is, “Why is it, that only a handful of E-commerce stores seem to become successful? while the rest are forgotten... doomed to float down the SERP?”

Amongst quite a few reasons, there is one that’s responsible for such a high percentage of failed e-Businesses; The technology is far too complicated for an average Joe to grasp with confidence. Those of us who do dare to venture into e-Commerce don't have a clue as to what makes an e-Store successful.

The Solution

E-Commerce in a Box is a venture born out of a singular thought

“To simplify Online Trading”

By providing the Technology, Expertise, and Resources required to make an e-Commerce store successful.

E-commerce in a Box is a Service Pack designed around Visionaries, to free them of any technical troubles or the fuss of ground operations. Allowing them to envision their ideas, formulate a strategy and making them a reality

Remotely take charge of your business, but most importantly, stay in the comfort of the life you’ve built thus far.


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