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Finance & Accounting

A dedicated account manager will keep your finances in order, ensure tax compliance, and quarterly report business KPIs.

Custom eCommerce Portal

Customize your portal down to the last detail to do justice to your lifelong Vision. From the aesthetics, to the power you want under the hood.

Digital Marketing

A Digital Marketing team to flood the interweb with your product. Including everything from Online & Social Marketing to SEO and even Content Strategy. Sky's the limit.

Customer Care

A highly trained team, with a custom script, answers and solves your customer’s queries. Ensuring customer satisfaction is a sure shot way of retaining the customers you make.

Maintenance Services

An adept maintenance crew are there to make sure your the portal suffers zero downtimes, all the while ensuring smooth integration and QA of new features and technology.


Finance &

As exciting as running an eCommerce store is, it’s not free from inventory balance and tax compliance issues. We offer a solution for financial management as well.

“A dedicated account manager will keep your finances in order, ensure tax compliance, and report quarterly on business KPIs.”


Design & development

The process of customizing your eCommerce Portal begins by getting a firm grasp of your Vision. The idea you have for your store will need to be broken down into different design elements and developed accordingly.

“Customize your portal down to the last detail and do justice to your Vision. Choose from the aesthetics you find appealing, to the power you want under the hood.”

Your bespoke eCommerce Portal is designed and developed so as to meet your requirements precisely, without compromise

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Our Digital Marketing team establishes your online presence on the platforms you wish to be on.
Your target audience is pinpointed and locked for a slew of marketing strategies

Our “One platform, One solution” approach let’s you sync all your Social Platforms with your e-store, allowing you to process all your orders from a single location. Sell on social media and all other platforms your customers already visit with digital marketing for eCommerce.

“The team will flood the interweb with your Brand. This will cover Online & Social Marketing to SEO and Content Strategy. Sky's the limit.”

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Customer Care

One thing about eCommerce stores is that it has the most active call center department than in any other industry. The nature of the operations requires constant two-way communication with the customers.

“Deploy a team of customer service professionals who’ll attend to your customer complaints, follow up on leads, or offer Live Chat support. ”


Advisory &



We provide Business Advisory Services to ensure the best interests of our clients as well as provide regular maintenance of your eCommerce Portal. Rest assured you’ll have a trusted digital partner by your side whenever the need arises.

"Stay connected to a team of Seasoned Professionals and Specialists and avoid problems before they arise with meticulous insights and strategic assistance."


Our Service Packs

No matter the size of your business enterprise, We have a package to ensure your long term eCommerce success.


Startup Stores


Every thing you need to
get started in the fast lane

eCommerce in a Box for Startup Stores is the ideal Service Pack. Everything you need to get started in the fast lane. A guided and totally customized experience into the world of eCommerce. Solidify your Vision, Create a Bespoke Store, and Start your Business


Growing Stores


Every tool you need to improve your bottom-line and Increase sales

E-com in a Box for Growing Stores service pack is geared towards eCommerce portals that wish to grow. Outgrow technological limitations and migrate your store and products on a platform befitting your business. Integrated 3rd Party Api and reporting tools to keep any eye on every aspect of your e-store to increase operational efficiency across-the-board.


A'la Carte


Utilize advance features,
enterprise grade security, and Premium Support.

eCommerce in a Box A'la Carte is our customizable service pack, geared towards those of you who are technically inclined. Click to proceed to our service selection page and choose what you need, we'll get in touch with you shortly.

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